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About Us

American International Medical Record Review Association (AIMRRA) provides training and credentialing for healthcare professionals, with members national and internationally.

Our program is a series of in-depth, interactive, and engaging courses that will provide medical record reviewers with the most advanced and up-to-date knowledge in the most useful and actionable ways. American International Medical Record Review Association, Inc (AIMRRA) is a school for everyone to expand their knowledge base, and this program is the foundation on which we build our continued success. Our goal is to help individuals and the community in as many ways as possible to train, educate and to provide job placement assistance with providers and managed care organizations seeking to work the world of medical record reviews. Our online educational platform will help students and members with the most thought provoking, natural and efficacious training on the planet. AIMRRA is a comprehensive, self-paced learning platform that will allow individuals to expand and achieve their professional careers goals. 

Our professional career training, networking events, and continuing education, we provide limitless opportunities for industry professionals to advance their knowledge and expertise.

We build long-standing relationships on a foundation of integrity, sincerity, and trust. AIMRRA have experienced and knowledgeable staff that works as a team to provide unparalleled service and dedication to our members.
AIMRRA's scope reaches around the globe. We provide a customized global curriculum, immersions, research, partnerships, and programs that enhance your business and career development education.

The Gold Standard of Certifications
Recognized by organizations nationally and internationally. AIMRRA’s  Certification validates your knowledge and expertise in review and audit of medical records for completeness and accuracy by looking at various pieces of the healthcare record documentation for abstraction. AIMRRA provide services that assist individuals and healthcare organizations with training, accreditation, and the tools necessary to ensure revenue optimization.

Our Strategic Goals

AIMRRA has recently embarked on a journey of strategic reinvention in order to set the stage for the future.


Our goal was simple: to create a Strategic Plan that offers students the best possible business, professional and career development educational training and outcomes.

Our goals blends our community’s ideals and vision for the future. It lays out concrete steps to advance the school. 

Together, we will move forward.

Our Mission
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