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You've Passed Your
CHRR™ Exam


Congratulations, you have passed your Certified Healthcare Record Reviewer™ exam. You can use the credentials. Your certification will be emailed to you within 30 business days. So the next step you should do is to update your resume and to know where and what positions or job titles you want to work in ( ex: Hedis Reviewer, Quality Specialist, MRR for Legal Department).

We offer a surplus of supportive services, that can assist you career development goals.




How To Find a HEDIS Job Fast in 7 Painless Steps

1. Set your intentions

Before you start hunting down jobs, take a few minutes to set your job-search intentions. Ask yourself: What are my career goals? What am I looking for in a job? A company? Write down a few key words or sentences and keep these in mind as you search for jobs.

When you are looking for a job fast, it's easy to get caught in a rushed panic. However, this can cause you to waste time by applying to jobs that are not a fit. It is best to keep your search focused and your intentions top of mind.

2. Perfect your resume

Before you apply for a job, you need to modify your resume. This document is your key to getting a company to notice you, so it needs to shine.

3. Tap into your network

One of the best ways to find a job fast is to tap into your network, and that means getting active on LinkedIn. Share articles, comment on others' posts, even join a LinkedIn group to interact with other professionals. You can also connect with recruiters and let them know you're interested in jobs by scrolling down to your LinkedIn profile dashboard and updating your “Career Interests” section.

4. Set up job-search alerts

One of the most time-consuming aspects of the job-search process is, well, searching. It is easy to spend hours and hours … and hours … scrolling through job boards. After a while, the postings start to look the same. Heck, many of them are the same.

If you want to simplify this part of the process and save some time, find two to three job boards you like and trust, and sign up for daily job alerts. Then, you will receive a dispatch of new postings directly to your inbox each day. This will save time and prevent you from scrolling through the same listings each day.

5. Tailor your cover letter

As you find and apply to jobs, don't ignore the application requirements. If a job application states cover letters are required, include one. Even if it says cover letters are optional.

What's more, you should tailor your cover letter to each job listing. Yes, it takes time to customize a cover letter, but this doesn't necessarily require you to start from scratch each time you apply to a different job. Simply create a fill-in-the-blank cover letter, and customize the introductory paragraph, your relevant skills and abilities, and the reason you want the job to fit each position you apply for.

Tailoring your cover letter will take some extra time, but it'll help you get noticed and hopefully help you secure a job faster.

6. Interviewing

While you apply for jobs, remain optimistic and prepare for interviews. Then, when the time comes for a phone screen or an in-person interview, you will feel prepared.

7. Don't settle

If you are looking for a job fast, this last tip might sound silly, but trust it is important: Don't settle for a job that does not excite you or fulfill your needs. Why? Because if the job is not a fit, you will likely be searching for another job in a few months.

If you need the paycheck, look into a temporary job or side gig. Buy yourself a little more time to find the job that excites you and advances your career.

Words of Advice

If you are in a situation where you need to find a job fast, it is easy to become overwhelmed and stressed. Trying to rush the process can lead to mistakes and oversights, which will ultimately slow you down. As long as you have a plan mapped out and you stay focused, you'll be good to go.                                                    Written by Topresume.

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