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Certifications for Every Stage of Your Career

Medical Record Review professional certification(s) certifies that you’re ready to meet the demands of medical record reviewers around the world.


Developed by experts, our certifications are based on rigorous requirements and to meet real-world needs of organizations. With a CHRR™ Certification behind your name, you can work from home or remotely in any industry, anywhere in the world.

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The CHRR™ credential demonstrates a professional 's skills in hybrid data abstraction, the impact of performance quality measures and chart chasing. Master the process of chart review for the CMS STAR Ratings Project.

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Self-study, online certification. CMRR™ credential have demonstrated the knowledge in medical record reviewer and auditing patients' records for compliance and how to process Release of Information (ROI) request for medical records.

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The Certified Medical Record Collector (CMRC™) is self-study, online certification. The CMRC™ credential have demonstrated the expertise in medical record retrieval and proven competence in communicating with healthcare and law professionals. 

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This online course prepares students to receive American Academy of Professional Coders CRC™ credentials and qualify for a career as a medical risk adjustment coder. Now based on ICD-10 code set.

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